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Take Charge Of Your Personal Finances And Start Building Wealth

This course is designed to help you take charge of your personal finances so you can start building wealth.

Here is some of what you will discover in this course...

  • Discover where your money is going so you can stop wasting money on things you don't need
  • Create budgets for your known speeding so you know if you are spending too much
  • Put an emergency fund in place so when something unexpected happens you won't be dipping into your savings for investments and other things you desire
  • Put an investment fund in place so you can start building wealth for your future
  • Start using a virtual piggy bank so you can start saving for the things you want instead of buying them on credit
  • Pay off your debts faster by controlling your spending and having more left over for paying off your debt and reducing your interest payments
Module 1 Take Charge Of Your Personal Finances Using Firefly
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Install Firefly
Unit 3 What You Will Learn In This Course
Unit 4 Philosophy Behind Firefly
Unit 5 Create Cash Accounts For Your Wallet Or Purse
Unit 6 Creating Bank Accounts
Unit 7 Creating A Credit Card And Using Virtual Balances
Unit 8 Creating A Car Loan And Adding Virtual Balances
Unit 9 Adding A House Mortgage
Unit 10 Adding Bills
Unit 11 Adding Income
Unit 12 Paying Bills
Unit 13 Setting Up Automated Payments And Manually Paying Bills Prior To Automated Payment Setup
Unit 14 Doing A Split Transaction At The Supermarket
Unit 15 Using The Piggy Bank